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Student Herbalist Training Clinic:
Low cost consultations available

Each Wednesday and Thursday is a training clinic for Medical Herbalists. This clinic is for trainee herbalists who are completing the 4 year National Institute of Medical Herbalists' accredited course, either with the Heartwood School of Herbal Medicine or Betonica School of Herbal Medicine. Both of these schools train their students to the highest standard.

A maximum of 3 students will be sitting in and quietly observing while I take the consultations. In order to qualify as a Medical Herbalist, you have to undertake 500 hours in a clinic.

As a way of encouranging people to book in for a consultation during a student clinic day, I offer an incentive of a reduction of 30% from the consultation fee. Normal medicine charges apply.

The student clinic works really well as a reciprocal model. Paitents benefit from the extra time given to discussing their case and from the reduced cost and for the students, the experience is invaluable.

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