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Helen Rideout

Member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists

Hello, I'm Helen Rideout. I have been practicing herbal medicine since 2007, when I graduated with a first class honours degree in BSc Herbal Medicine from the University of Central Lancashire.


After completing my first degree in languages I set about trying to live a life that I had always thought that I should. However, working in the commercial sector, meeting targets and being on the treadmill left me feeling tired and disillusioned.  


I became ill with repeated urinary tract infections that proved resistant to antibiotics.  The infection traveled into my kidneys and as a last resort I tried a herbalist.  After herbal treatment, I felt better than I had done in years.  I became fascinated by how herbs could bring such a drastic change to my life and this set me onto a new life direction.


I was full of excitement at my amazing discoveries of the potential of herbs to heal the human body but slightly intimidated when I realised that if I wanted to do this for a job I would need to study again and study a science degree. But I felt I had nothing to lose and something told me this was the right move. I packed in my job and started on this career path which I now feel so fully connected to.


I trained to the highest standard, ensuring that I could bring herbal medicine to people in a safe and beneficial way. I am proud to be a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, which is over 150 years old.  Being a member means that I am obliged to take part in continuing professional development; making my practice safe and up-to-date.

Over the years, my herbal practice has evolved and I've found areas of medicine that I love to work in. My specialisms are treating thyroid disorders (and other endocrine and immune related diseases) and working with women's health. I trained as a doula so I could work more closely with pregnancy, which has been massively rewarding work. But as I and my contemporaries age, I see the importance of really looking after ourselves as we go through peri-menopause and into the post menopausal years. I feel excited about how we can rewrite a lot of the preconceived ideas about women at this time and how we can find the nourishment that we need to go through this change.


I've never been one for brushing things under the carpet, and I beleive that it is only through getting the time to air what is going on for you and getting constructive support, that you can move towards healing for mind and body. When I work with you, I will really listen to what you have been through. And I will remember what you've said the next time we speak! I will look through any medical notes you have from the doctor and help you interpret them and help you make decisions about your medical treatments with the doctor, if that is necessary. I see our partnership as a collaboration and will only give you advice that I think you will actually be able to integrate. I beleive that change is best made in small increments, in line with your life and what is achievable. Having said that, the herbs do a wonderful job of supporting you while you make the changes in diet and lifestyle that you may need to make in order to invite in healing. You may be surprised by the progress you can make once you start taking herbs!

You can learn more about how a herbal consultation can help you here and discover my upcoming educational events (news coming soon).

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